Enjoy local treasures


multi days gruise

We can organize a number of different cruises depending on the weather and the guests' will. With this cruise, we offer a 2 days’ and more exploration for 2 up to 10 people

between sailing & relaxation

So we sail in the wind into the night and consider – at sea – the incredible stars, or we explore a cave on a steep cliff with the dinghies. We sit in a tavern with our feet in the sand and look at our yacht turning on the anchor, take a hike to a castle or a mountain nearby or snorkel at the nearby reef.At night we usually anchor in quiet bays or in front of small towns. In the morning, you get a cup of coffee and then jump into the water directly from the boat.


All safety equipment is available and a powerful engine will take you to see the best places.The boat is perfect for relaxing and chilling while visiting the excellent beaches in the beautiful Sporades region and enjoying the marvellous sunsets.


Food and beverages (please, inform us if you have any allergy so they can adapt the menu).

Skipper & hostess

Snorkeling gear.

Dinghly with outboard engine. All boat expenses.

VAT & any other taxes.

Your sailing adventure starts here

Amazing activities, beautiful beaches and mindfulness moments - these are just a few of the things that will help you relax and enjoy your holidays by sailing with us.


Your best summer memory starts by contacting us now! Send us the number of travellers and the date you want to cruise and we'll reply as soon as possible with the pricing, depending on your needs.